Meet Our Team

Mr Terence Ho

Founder / Chief Developer

Terence is the Founder and Chief Developer of RenCap.
He is also the Founder and current CEO of
(, an entire chain of businesses from raw
wood manufacturing to Paper and Wood Distributors to
Furniture Retailers. He is also a major shareholder of an
Agriculture farm and Rice Processing Factory in Thailand.
All his businesses will come together and rally behind

Mr Johnson Sow

Regional Operations and Logistics Manager

Johnson has over 35 years of experience in the wood and furniture industry. Starting from scratch, over the span of 35+ years he has worked himself a successful career in the manufacturing and distributing industry. Currently he oversees all operations and logistics movement in the region.

Mdm May Ong

Head Graphics

May is overseeing all Graphics related work in all of RenCap businesses. With an outgoing personality, she is also innovative in her designs and videos. May has 7 years of experience in creating graphics and art for the Manufacturing, Distribution and Retailing Industry.

Mrs Chonlada Rattanapan

Overseas Operations

Chonlada is in charge of overseeing all overseas operations of RenCap, which currently includes the operation of Agriculture and Processing Plant in Thailand. She oversees the operation and floor team in Thailand, hence she work in both Singapore and Thailand offices. It is her duty to ensure the quantity and quality of harvests and distribution to exporters.

Miss Ling Pei Chee

Operations and Finance

Pei Chee is young but she is driven. She has proven herself to be a motivated and driven individual. She currently manages the finances of all businesses of RenCap. She also take part in managing the huge Singapore operations. She will be in charge of managing RenCap funds and collaborating with future auditors.

Mr Ang

Head of
Drivers and Logistics

Ang is the oldest and longest service logistic employee of RenCap. With over 25 years of experience, he is the most experienced in distribution routes, delivery routes and distribution schedules. He is in charge of all logistics staffs, distribution routes and schedule. He ensure that all of our processed goods are distributed to our clients regularly and on time. He is one of our greatest asset!


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