What is RenCap?

RenCap is a Decentralized Funding and Investment Platform, RenCap will also be the currency used for all transactions of RenCap owned businesses.

Example: Rice Distributors buying Raw Rice from our factories will have to use RenCap to make payments instead of regular fiat.

Where is RenCap based and where are your businesses based?

RenCap is based in Singapore. The businesses it controls are currently based in Singapore and Thailand. We wish to expand to more countries in Asia after the ICO.

What is this ICO funding?

This ICO funds the expansion of the existing profitable businesses of RenCap which includes Retail, Manufacturing, Crypto-Technology in Singapore and Agriculture in Thailand.

What makes you guarantee the Capital & Growth?

We started off with a few more different industries. What is remaining are the businesses that have proven themselves to be profitable over the years. With the ICO, we will be able to transact among our businesses and clientele with quicker and cheaper payments. Also, we will be able to expand the operations of our profitable businesses. The profits from this expansion will mainly be given back to the value of the Token as Growth.

Where can I buy RenCap Token (RNP)?

Currently we are going through our ICO phase. You will be able to purchase RNP on our website using ETH or Paypal(USD, SGD).

When is the ICO being conducted?

The RenCap ICO Public Sale will begin on April 16, 2018 00:00hrs GMT +8 (Singapore Time).

How do you determine the BuyBack Scheme Price?

We support the BuyBack Price with our profits. You purchase the Token at USD$1.00 each. After a year we add in the profit/token into the value of the token and buyback the token at USD$1.50(Example). However, if the market trading is thriving above our profits, we will support the market trading price at slightly below market to ensure that we do not interfere with market speculations.

What wallets can I use?

RenCap is an ERC20 Token running on the Ethereum Network. You can use all ETH wallets to store your RenCaps (RNP). An example is MyEtherWallet.

What kind of communication do you use with your Token Holders?

We will do regular updates on our Facebook/Twitter, we can also answer related questions on Telegram and supported forums like bitcointalk.org

What is the minimum number of tokens I can buy?

The minimum number of tokens during the ICO is set at 100 RNP.

What is the maximum Supply and ICO Price?

The maximum circulating supply is 50,000,000 RNP. ICO is selling at 1 RNP = USD$1 / SGD$1.50 (Paypal) 0.001ETH

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